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Recap #1

ARTober 18th – Ahhh My Pancakes!

TODAY’S ARTWORK These aren’t the actual words to the story, just placeholders. Wanted to start getting a bit messy and see how it looked. SHOW SUPPORT and PRE-ORDER my 3-Book Bundle for $27 OR just this ONE BOOK for $10 NOTE: While this may… Continue Reading “ARTober 18th – Ahhh My Pancakes!”

ARTober 17th – I is OGRE!

TODAY’S ARTWORK Putting a little more detail in him. Reshaped his body, gave him more pronounced cheek bones and a lumpier lump, as well as a more chinny chin. Also gave him some skin splotches. Whatcha think? Too much? SHOW SUPPORT and PRE-ORDER my… Continue Reading “ARTober 17th – I is OGRE!”

ARTober 16th – Arms out!

TODAY’S ARTWORK This is a card design for my card game Copycat Pat!, which is aimed towards 4 – 8 year olds. It’s simple, I’m still tinkering. I like the black and white characters with the colors around them, but I’m definitely going to… Continue Reading “ARTober 16th – Arms out!”

ARTober 15th – Helloooo!

TODAY’S ARTWORK At this point, I’m still toying with font styles and background designs. I know that I want the book to be minimalistic, and that it’ll be heavy on greens and browns (which I associate with ogre colors), but I’ll have to see… Continue Reading “ARTober 15th – Helloooo!”