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Grandpa Curry

My ol’ man taught me a lot, but one of the things that’s stuck most is that, as parents, we love our children equally and unequivocally. My dad had six children, and he didn’t differentiate between us. With the marines, motorcycles and wrestling, he…


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Which Cover DO YOU Prefer?

Hi! A couple of weeks ago, I asked which of my books needed a cover update… Well, the winner (or loser?) was To My Rocket Ship! As you see above, I updated it, but maybe it’s still not up to par. Either way, please…

My Yearbook Nightmare! Update #4

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The Curry’s

My father passed away forever ago now, but since I’m buried deep in the creation of my next book, My Yearbook Nightmare, I wanted to again take the art style of that book and recreate my parents. CLICK TO VISIT ME ON AMAZON JOIN…