CuRilla Games presents… DEADVERSE!

What is it?

My DEADVERSE is a collection of (mostly) solo, (mostly) standalone tabletop board/card games for ages 12+. These games will all take place within the same dark-humored universe, and will (mostly) star my anti-hero, Bobby Butcher, as he and his demonic third arm battle all types of maleficent entities deserving of a good ol’ bullet to the head.

Butcher is cocky, recklessly aggressive, politically incorrect, and hyper-masculine to a fault, but he gets the job done. Albeit, not without casualties… The partially grown demon, Lanius, that he shares a body with is equally reckless, but also extremely deficient of impulse controls, so if trouble doesn’t find them, they’ll certainly find trouble!

I’m the creator, writer and illustrator of these games, which will each experiment with different play mechanics. For those interested, they will, overtime, tell an overarching storyline full of “Badassery and Butchery”. The written story is a work in progress and will be mildly vulgar and potentially distasteful to some. The games, however, will tread a bit more carefully.


DEAD END is the core game in my DEADVERSE collection.

You are NOT required to own DEAD END in order to play the other games, nor are you required to own any of the other games in order to play it.

HOWEVER, each game in my DEADVERSE will include BONUS CONTENT that’ll be compatible with DEAD END as a way to continually add freshness to my passion project and keep you entertained! 😉


See them on Board Game Geek


The physical version will be coming to The Game Crafter as a Crowd Sale on May 1st, 2023.

The PNP version will be coming to Kickstarter on May 1st, 2023.

Board Game Geek: A. R. Curry

INSTAGRAM: @CurillaGames

DISCORD: ARCurry’s Deadverse

Reddit: u/CuRilla_Games


FACEBOOK: Curry C. Curry

YOUTUBE: A. R. Curry


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