Artwork by Curry

This week’s post comes with 3 additional Disturblings. These tinier guys are for the micro version of Disturblings. At this point, I have 6 more to illustrate, and then I’ll shade and color them. 🙂


DISTURBLINGS is a solo only board game for ages 12+ that’s played in 20-40 minutes.

In DISTURBLINGS, you play as three-armed anti-hero, Bobby Butcher, as he tries to keep a mad scientist from unleashing genetically modified creatures on the world.

In this push-your-luck, tower defense game, you’ll be handcuffed to an injured sheriff and struggling to reload his service weapon in order to blast away the adorably disturbing creatures scampering towards you. With a range of strategic options, you’ll need to be careful and smart, or risk becoming overwhelmed.

The release date is fast approaching, so click either link below to be notified when that date comes!

Print-and-Play Version (Kickstarter)

Physical Version (The Game Crafter)

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