Disturblings – Small Changes, BIG Results!

I’m nearing completion of my next game, Disturblings, which I’m extremely excited about. I absolutely LOVE the visuals of this game, and while illustrating my own games is definitely time-consuming, it also means I can continue to tinker away to get it as good as I possibly can. I wanted to share some comparison images with you to show how one simple change resulted in hours of unexpected (but rewarding) updates.

To begin, in Disturblings, you find yourself drawing ammo cards to reload a gun in a push-your-luck way that’s very similar to Blackjack. If you draw more than 6 bullets, you fumble your ammo and suffer a penalty. At first, I had a simple question mark on the back of all Ammo cards. Buuuuut then I realized ammo comes in clips nowadays, meaning I wouldn’t even be reloading the gun 1 bullet at a time… I like guns in my entertainment, but not in real life, so I don’t know much about them. Still, this wouldn’t do, so I searched for a gun that needed to be reloaded 1 bullet at a time and found the REVOLVER!

This gave me an idea, and so I updated the question mark to the ammo chamber to see in the image above. Buuuuut, this raised another problem. While playing this game, you’re handcuffed to an injured sheriff and using his weapons to defend yourself from dozens of disturbing creatures swarming towards you. Pepper spray, club, taser, and, yes, his service weapon. Problem is, law enforcement agencies across the country have switched away from revolvers to semi-autos… Buuuuuuut, I’ve chosen to ignore this, and make my sheriff old school!

However, having switched the type of gun, meant I had to keep the ammo consistent with the new card I recently added to the micro version of the game. After all, I can’t load one type of ammo into two completely different guns. That change resulted in this card:

And lastly, because I switched the gun type, I had to update Bobby Butcher’s main card, which was easy enough, and I think led to a better look.

As you can see, one simple change can steamroll into much more, which creates a lot of work, but can be very rewarding!

If you’re interested in Disturblings, click the link below to be notified when it releases.

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