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Disturblings – Small Changes, BIG Results!

I’m nearing completion of my next game, Disturblings, which I’m extremely excited about. I absolutely LOVE the visuals of this game, and while illustrating my own games is definitely time-consuming, it also means I can continue to tinker away to get it as good… Continue Reading “Disturblings – Small Changes, BIG Results!”

DEAD END is on SALE! (AGAIN???!)

On sale for $11.64
41% off
March 6th-12th


If you weren’t aware, I launched my first Kickstarter recently, and it has (so far) raised over 475% of its funding goal! Now, that funding goal wasn’t that high (only $50), so it’s not really as impressive as it seems, and it’s not about… Continue Reading “ALMOST OVER!”

Today is my launch day!

It’s official, today is the launch day for my DEADVERSE, and I couldn’t be any more excited! My DEADVERSE is a series of solo, standalone board games that all take place within the same dark-humored universe. DEAD END is the core game in the… Continue Reading “Today is my launch day!”