If you weren’t aware, I launched my first Kickstarter recently, and it has (so far) raised over 475% of its funding goal! Now, that funding goal wasn’t that high (only $50), so it’s not really as impressive as it seems, and it’s not about the funds really. What I am ecstatic about is that over 80 people (so far) have shown interest in playing a game that I created. Me. Curry C. Curry. It’s pretty cool, and I am very appreciative that they (and possibly you) are giving me the opportunity to share.

Here’s a few statistics that I found interesting:

+Out of 83 backers, 30 people have (so far) backed the DELUXE edition for $5. This is interesting because I make it very clear that it’d be cheaper to get the other editions individually and that this edition is merely a way for people to throw me a little extra financial support. How cool is that???

+Out of 83 backers, 44 people have (so far) backed the BLOODY MESS edition for $1. This is interesting because I was met with a lot of people who were turned off by my content because of the subject matter. In fact, they’re the very reason I made the tamer MUD NOT BLOOD version.

+Out of 83 backers, ONLY 9 people have (so far) backed the tamer version.

+Out of 83 backers, 1 just gave me a $1 without requesting any of the editions… lol It’s still appreciated!

+Out of 83 backers, 46 are from the United States, meaning almost HALF are from around the world!!!!

If you backed this gross little project, then thank you. Sincerely. It’s truly appreciated. If you didn’t even know existed, oops. Sorry! I’m not the best at spreading the word, but I try. Still, it’s not too late to head on over and give it a looksie. Either way, you being here and taking your time to read this is equally appreciated!

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