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Author A. R. Curry

Author A. R. Curry

A. R. Curry is a soon to be married man, a loving father of five beautiful children, and a friend to two monstrous Great Danes, who help guard his kingdom. A graduate of the University of Missouri - St. Louis, he lives in Missouri, by way of Florida and Michigan.

It’s still relatively early in my writing career, but for now, these are my answers to some of my most asked questions. 

Answers for kids. 

Answers for adults.

I started creating picture books shortly after my first child, Aliya, was born as a way to entertain her while we bonded. Then my son, Tristan, was born. Then my other son, Joshua. Then Cam and Nora came into the picture and before I knew it, I was chugging along and had ten, fun-filled picture books!

I’ve known I wanted to be a writer since I was 21 years old, but I’ve wanted to tell stories (in some form or another) for the majority of my life. It’s a passion that’s never dwindled.

My aim isn’t to be a prestigious literary writer (QUALITY over quantity), nor is it to be known for entertaining but poorly written novels (QUANTITY over quality). My hope is that I’ll strike a balance and develop a readership that enjoys my style and constant exploration of the writing craft. 

I admit, I find social media to be a creative drain, so I’m not a huge fan. Still, it’s a necessary evil, so I do partake. Ugh. 😉

You can find me here. 

Whether you’re a school, library, or group of people gathering in someone’s apartment, I always enjoy doing author visits and readings.

If interested, email me at

I never wanted a massive cavern filled with gold and riches attained from my picture book sales. It’s true. While I do have a large family to feed, my picture books were always my way of spreading a love of reading to as many children as I can.

For that reason, I’ll gladly donate 80-100% of book profits from my fundraisers. If you’re interested in partnering up with me, please email me at 

NOTE: I currently only utilize my picture books in fundraisers.