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Q:What made you decide to write children’s books?

A: Easy. My children. I read to them a lot, and because they know I write, they always asked me to write something specifically for them. I figured there was no harm in it, and so I began working on The Imaginaut. During the process, my hopes for that book grew and grew, but my base desire was always to please my children. It was a great opportunity to not only bond, but to encourage them to read. I also answer this question more in two different places. Feel free to check them out as well.

Place 1

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Q: How do you deal with writer’s block?

A: Honestly, I don’t believe in writer’s block. I do, however, believe there’s something that, on occasion, blocks my motivation. Early in my career it was hard to get over a lack of motivation, but as I’ve matured I’ve force myself through. A trip to a bookstore oftentimes clears it right up, though. 

Q: What’s the best thing about being a writer?

A: The best part about being a writer is that I now get paid to not only daydream, but to explore those daydreams. I can go where my imagination takes me and not feel guilty about having wasted time. And, because I’ve decided to write for children, I can involve my own kiddos in the process and I love every minute of it.

Q: What’s your advice for aspiring writers?

A: Write what brings you pleasure. When I finished writing my book Death Bound, I was proud of it, but I wasn’t necessarily proud of myself. It was a dark, dreary book, and though many (3 or 4 lol) people liked it, it didn’t really bring happiness to the world. For me, I want to bring something positive to the table. This is why I write for children now. It brings me pleasure to entertain and educate children. So, yeah, that’s my advice. Write what brings you pleasure.

Q: How do you get inspired to write?

A: I’m blessed with an active imagination. I’m dreaming up ideas even now as I’m answering this question! But I also get inspired by other books and what other authors are doing. I attribute this to my liking to stay true to myself and my own artistic whims. You’re probably thinking, but how can I stay true to myself if I’m mimicking someone else’s work??? Fair question. Well, what I tell myself is that a part of being true to myself is allowing my inspirations to shine through in my own works. Also, those inspirations are largely just the seeds. From the point that seed begins to sprout, I follow my imagination wherever it may grow. Maybe it will be better. Maybe it won’t. What matters to me is whether I did my best.

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