The Sticklelacs


NOTE: This book will officially release September 1st, 2020.

Illustrated by Michael Singleton
Written by A. R. Curry
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Jack’s parents have moved them all into a boring new house where all Jack’s cool stuff is still packed away in boxes. With no other choice, he’s forced to entertain himself with… His imagination? Ugh.

Read along as Jack goes on a wonderfully colorful adventure to a land that’s just beginning to grow into its own. Along the way, he’ll (quite literally) make new friends in the form of little stick people known as Sticklelacs. They’ll smile and laugh and enjoy their time together, but some tears will be shed as well, because life’s not always so fun. Thankfully, Jack’s new friends truly care about him, and with their help, he’ll be smiling again in no time!

Click HERE to see more artwork by Michael Singleton.


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