Tuggle (Card Game)


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A tug-of-war inspired card game with an amusing mix of questions and hazard cards.

Tuggle is a simple, yet fun-filled and oftentimes gross card game intended to bring families and friends together via brain-scratching and tummy-churning questions you’d never think to ask, let alone answer… Especially to those closes to you!!

With a neat tug-of-war scoring system, players go head-to-head asking and answering potentially embarrassing questions. If you ask a question and then guess the answer, “tug” the rope your way with the aim of tugging your mortal enemy across the center line to ridicule them as they wallow in the imaginary mud at your feet!

Don’t get ahead of yourself though. Just because you THINK you know someone doesn’t mean you’re a shoe-in to win. With an assortment of Choice, Consequence, and Hazard cards, this game includes enough chance and strategy to tip the scales in either direction…


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