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NOTE: This book IS part of a 3-Book Pre-Order Bundle. As an individual purchase, it’s discounted $5. However, if purchased in the 3-Book Bundle, it’s further discounted.

What do you get for pre-ordering? A great discounted price, and a free PDF download of the book.

Estimated Release Date: Between January 2021 – April 2021

  • This book is a work in progress. As such, the pages within, as well as the cover and book name, can change by the time it’s officially released.
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There are frogs, and then there are FROGS. This is definitely a FROG. A very, very hungry FROG, who’s not happy with just one teensie-weenie fly.

The Frog Who Eated the World –Yes, I know “Eated” is wrong 😉 — is a picture book for children aged 2 – 6, and is about a frog with an insatiable appetite. Read (and laugh) along as he tastes juuuuuuust about everything he sets his froggy eyes on.


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