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NOTE: This book is still a work in progress. Being such, details like the book description and cover design will change as I continue to work on it. It will be in color and will be geared towards k-3rd grade.

Pre-ordering this book not only saves you 50% off the retail price but will get you a FREE digital version of it as well.

Picture a children’s book themed like a yearbook, then toss in a comedic little character who finds himself trapped inside it… Follow him as he runs through each page trying to escape variously themed situations. If you can picture that (done in a cartoon style), then you’ve got the general idea of it.

This will by far be my most heavily illustrated book, and I’m ridiculously excited. Join me on Facebook to keep up-to-date. I’ll continue to update this product description and add more and more cartoon examples for your amusement.


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