Death Bound: Life Support Edition


Releases 7/1/2020


Generation Still-Born

20/20 Vision

Ninja Turtle Shrine

The Submarine

Deafinitely Stupid

and more!

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Life is full of ups and downs, there’s no question about it. We’re tossed through the ringer daily, constantly faced with challenges and left wondering how we’ll deal with them… Will we give up, or will we try? Will we cave, or will we succeed? Will we whine and moan about our misfortunes as we dwell on them for years, or will we learn from them, shrug them off, and heal ourselves with positivity and laughter?

I choose the latter, which is why I’ve collected over a dozen darkly comedic short stories into this collection for your amusement. The world’s getting a bit tense, so unwind and relax. I’ll take it from here.


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