Mystery Picture Book

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Hmm a Mystery Book available for Pre-Order? What could it be?

For now, I’ll give you a few clues…

  1. It is a picture book.
  2. It is for children between the ages of 4 & 6.
  3. It’ll be releasing in time for Christmas of 2020.

I’m pretty sure you couldn’t guess much from that, but you do have the basic answers. Worry not, though. I’ll continue to string out more clues over the coming months, so keep an eye out 😉

NOTE: This book has yet to release. It is only available for pre-order.

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While it may seem like I’ve only been working on my new books for adults, I’ve secretly been toiling away on my picture books as well. After all, I couldn’t keep my lil’ readers waiting!

So you may be wondering why I’m doing a Mystery Release this time around? Fair enough. The thing is, since March of 2019, I’ve released like 8 books the exact same way, so I wanted to mix it up a bit this time around. I have a number of wonderful readers who enjoy the variety of books I offer, and who like to add all my new ones to their collection. I have a feeling they’ll be excited no matter what the book is, so here ya go, guys/gals, this is a treat especially for you!


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