Missing Persons Promo


Would you like to have your beautiful face plastered on a MISSING PERSONS poster?

Not for real, of course! It’s all in good fun to help promote my upcoming game, Dead End – The Deceased!

NOTE: Absolutely NO minors are eligible for this. None. Zilch. Nada. My humor only goes so far.

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My game, Dead End – The Deceased!, will be coming to Kickstarter March, 2022. If you’re as excited as me, or (even better!) a believer in me, this Missing Persons Promo¬†is a fantastic way for you to show it while also ensuring you get in on the darkly comedic action!

There are only 10 spots available.

IF you’re among the lucky (or unlucky?) who snatch up a spot, I will put a real life photo of YOU on one of my game’s Missing Persons posters. That means your delightful mug will be shown on every single game box I sell, which is pretty neat. Yeah, it’s also a bit macabre, but the dark humor fits in nicely with the theme of my game, so if you’re interested, secure your spot now.¬† ; )

Click here to view a draft of the game box in 3D!



  • You can only make this purchase for yourself.
  • Making this purchase gives me permission to feature you on my game box and to use your provided image for marketing materials.
  • Making this purchase does not secure you a copy of the game.
  • NO minors are eligible for this purchase.


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