Inktober Artbook


In this book, you’ll find ALL of my Inktober artwork, plus some surprises. There’s no story, just bunches and bunches of illustrations for your enjoyment. And better still, it’s completely free to download this digital version.

Note: This artbook won’t be officially available until mid November, AFTER Inktober ends and I have the time to compile all the illustrations into a book.

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Inktober is a great excuse for the artistic minded to plop our butts down and get creative. Basically, participation in the Inktober Challenge means we (or YOU!) “ink” one picture a day for everyday of October. No complicated, but potentially time-consuming. Most people feel they don’t have the time to participate. I felt this same way, as since I’m busy trying to complete my next picture book, My Yearbook Nightmare! BUT, it wouldn’t be a “challenge” if it wasn’t challenging, so I decided to illustrate pictures that I can also use in my new book!


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