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Being a DELUXE Book Sponsor is a HUGE step up from the basic Book Sponsor option (no longer available) and is only available until November 30th, 2019. After this date, I will no longer be able to include cartoonified versions of people in my upcoming book, My Yearbook Nightmare!, because I’ll be busy putting the finishing touches on it.

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So, Would YOU like to be a DELUXE Book Sponsor?

The DELUXE Book sponsor gets you:

  1. I will cartoonify you and send you a digital, black & white version to keep or share on social media to friends and family. (Included in Book Sponsor)
  2. I will include that cartoon version of you INSIDE my upcoming book, My Yearbook Nightmare! (Included in Book Sponsor)
  3. You’ll get a copy of that book when it releases so that you can see it up close and personal. 😀 (Included in Book Sponsor)
  4. You’ll get an additional digital version of your cartoon character but in COLOR. (Deluxe only)
  5. Your cartoon character will get included in my book MULTIPLE times. (Deluxe only)
  6. You’ll get the official My Yearbook Nightmare bookmark. (Deluxe only)
  7. You’ll get a downloadable video of me teaching you (or your child) how to cartoon 2 of your very own characters to use as you like. (Deluxe only)
  8. Lastly, the copy of the book you receive will be autographed. (Deluxe only)

Note: You’ll get the digital illustrations of you within a week, but all other products won’t be available until the book’s launch.

Book Details:

The current book you’d be sponsoring, tentative release date of January 2020, is called, My Yearbook Nightmare!, and will have over a hundred cartoon faces! Picture a children’s book themed like a yearbook, then toss in a comedic little character who finds himself trapped inside it… Follow him as he runs through each page trying to escape variously themed situations. If you can picture that (done in a cartoon style), then you’ve got the general idea of it.

This will by far be my most heavily illustrated book, and I’m ridiculously excited. Join me on Facebook to stay up-to-date. I’ll continue to update this product description and add more and more cartoon examples for your amusement. But trust me, this is an awesome opportunity for you to not only show your support and promote children’s literacy, but to also have a little cartoon version of you inside a children’s book. Now, that’s pretty cool.

For questions, email

NOTE: Making this purchase grants me non-exclusive rights to use this version of your cartoon likeness for profit and advertisement reasons.

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  1. Stacy

    Curry once again did an amazing job! I love it and it is a great way to get involved in his book.

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