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Purchase all 7 books and SAVE $45, which is more than half off. The only thing better than that is the books themselves!

This seven-book bundle includes To My Rocket Ship!, Stop Being a Baby, Baby, Throwing an Alpha-Fit, The Imaginaut, Cosmo & Friends: Coloring & Activity Book, The Egglings  AND Hiding a Monster. 

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This seven-book bundle includes To My Rocket Ship!, Stop Being a Baby, Baby, Throwing an Alpha-Fit, The Imaginaut, Cosmo & Friends: Coloring & Activity Book, The Egglings, AND Hiding a Monster. BUT, that’s not all. Upon purchase, you’ll also get a FREE download of Monkey’s Alphabet Book AND Monkey’s Other Alphabet Book. 


To My Rocket Ship! is the funny introduction to Earth, an alien who’s belly looks like Earth, and Worm, a… well, worm. Earth has found himself in a bit of trouble with a zookeeper who wants to lock him up with the other animals, but thankfully, his new friend Worm is there to help.

In Stop Being a Baby, Baby! sit back and be thankful you’re not the one tasked with babysitting this feisty little guy.

Throwing an Alpha-Fit sees Monkey get prematurely woken from his nap, and as a result, he gets very grumpy. One by one he throws letters out of the Alphabet Tree, but all tantrums must come to an end.

The Imaginaut is an educational adventure in space as Henry, an imaginaut, befriends Cosmo, a hyper puppy-dog constellation, who is eager to use one of solar system’s planets as his very own ball.

Cosmo & Friends: Coloring and Activity Book is a 152 page book not only filled with coloring and activity pages, but a delightful story about Henry, an imaginaut, who befriends Cosmo, a hyper puppy dog constellation.

The Egglings: The Egglings are accident-prone little guys who, if you pay close attention, always pop-up in all of my books. In this book, they’re hired to spy on an alien who’s out exploring the galaxy in order to help keep him safe. Problem is, there’s no one helping keep the Egglings safe!

Hiding a Monster: Uh, oh. Van Helsing, world renowned monster hunter, is trying to catch a NICE monster, who doesn’t deserve to be locked up juuust because he’s a “monster”. Can you find a costume to help him hide?

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