Meet the Team

For now, there’s just the three of us. Me, Anita C. Nicoles, Dana Pappas, who works remotely from Las Vegas, Nevada, and then the guy slurping his slushy right behind me, Trevor Galloway.

Trevor is a big man-child, and a bit shy. He specializes more on the technical side of things, and prefers Star Wars to Star Trek and Marvel to DC. (His one request was for me to include that.) Dana is our SEO manager, social media guru, and phone-tag expert. More importantly, she’s a proud new mommy! As for me, like I mentioned, I’m Anita. Wife, and mother of four, but two of them are giant fur babies (Thus my soft spot for Trevor lol). I couldn’t care less about Star Wars or Star Trek, but I’d watch the entire Harry Potter series in one sitting if given the opportunity!

We started working for Curry not too long ago as freelance help, buuut that quickly changed into freelance help. And that’s fine by us. To most of you, he’s Author/Illustrator A. R. Curry (or just “Curry”), but to us, he’s “Boss Man”. Sure, we work for him, but believing in him and his vision makes “working” fun for us. And no, we’re not just saying that. There’s something exciting about getting in on the ground level and not only witnessing, but being a part of making someone’s dream come true. ESPECIALLY when that dream involves helping so many children.

We assist Curry with SEO, Website Design, article writing and editing to free him up to create his fiction. We’re, admitting-ly, far less creative than he is. But that’s also why being a part of his brainstorming sessions and seeing firsthand as his stories and books develop from rough drafts to finished products is so cool.

Well, that’s it for now. We’re tremendously happy you’ve taken the time to swing by. We’ve got some neat things going on here. Of course, you can purchase his books straight from our site, but from time-to-time you’ll also get access to free content, deals, and nifty new swag. But that’s not all! There’s lots to come. Articles about the importance of reading, Flash Fiction stories, an opportunity to beta read A. R. Curry’s brand new books, a “Choose Your Own Fate” adventure, activity printouts, and a podcast (if we ever figure out how to work the software…).

It’s nice meeting you. If you’re as excited as we are, please, join our free newsletter to stay up-to-date.

Anita Nicoles – Freelance Author

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