Guest Illustrators

The world is full of gifted people with amazing talents. Here, you will find a few wonderful individuals who understand that living life to its fullest, means embracing our passions and expressing ourselves through our artwork. 

Sakharam Umrikar is an Indian illustrator with a great imagination and a love for fun. He has collaborated on several Indian and foreign projects as an illustrator and enjoys working with various styles. As an illustrator, he has helped many authors finish their dream projects, so contact him if you’re interested in finally finishing yours. 

See his artwork HERE. 

Jen Borror lives and works in York, Pennsylvania. She is the owner of Jen’s Creative Designs, a small studio that combines the art of graphic design and illustration. 

Graphic designer by day, illustrator and fine artist by night. Jen is a seasoned professional artist and master of pen & ink stippling. (YES, that’s a lot of dots!) Her favorite quote: “To be a good graphic designer, you must first be able to pick up a pencil and draw.” Looking for an original? Commissions are open. 

See her artwork HERE.

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