Fundraisers & Giveaways

Funds raised for children in 2019
Help kids succeed by helping them read.

Utilizing the books on the form below, YOU can help kids in need by initiating a fundraiser. We’ll provide basic information below, but be sure to reach out to us for further details. 

  • Fundraisers are typically for elementary schools. However, if children are directly benefiting, then feel free to contact us with your idea. 
  • 80% of profits is donated towards the fundraiser. 
  • 10% of profits is retained by the initiator of the fundraiser. 
  • 10% of profits is donated towards our fundraising endeavor. 
  • We will provide a digital copy of the fundraising flyer FREE of charge.
  • We will provide bookmarks for each book sold FREE of charge.

Looking to create some excitement? Want a simple way to reward children for their hard work? Or do you just want to help promote reading? Well, we have just the thing for you. A book giveaway!

  • You choose how many books you’d like to donate.
  • Books are discounted 30% for giveaways.
  • We customize then provide you a digital copy of the giveaway flyer FREE of charge. 
  • For each book given away, we prove FREE bookmarks.. 

Hi, this is Curry. I LOVE doing readings, so if you have something in mind, email me directly at so we can discuss the details. 


  • 3-Book Bundle Giveaway – Ashley Renner, of Missouri. 
  • Author Reading – Summer Reading Kick-Off Party at Scenic Regional Library Sullivan Branch on Saturday, June 1st, from 11 am – 1 pm.
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