I’ve always had an interest in “shared universes” and “Easter eggs”, so I have a tendency to sneak plenty of hidden stuff into my books. Read the list below to learn of a few of my most favorite along with other interesting tidbits.


  • There is an Eggling sneaking around every one of my children’s books. Even my older books! Yup, if you look close enough, they may be under a bed, or flying through space, or even buried beneath a blanket…
  • The Egglings first appeared in To My Rocket Ship!, but since I had so much fun finding ways for them to clumsily break their shells, I started telling smaller stories. They now have their own book on the way called The Egglings: Where is Earth?
  • The baby from Stop Being a Baby, Baby! is Henry’s (from The Imaginaut) little brother.
  • The Zookeeper in To My Rocket Ship! is related to a famous monster hunter, and they will both make an appearance in a new book scheduled to release in 2019.
  • There are hidden words spelled out in the tree and on the ground within the pages of Throwing an Alpha-Fit.
  • The “414 E. S. Street” on the house in The Imaginaut was my address as a child.
  • Cosmo & Friends was originally titled The Imaginaut. and it was my first children’s book.
  • Originally, Cosmo & Friends (then named The Imaginaut) was in black and white to reduce the manufacturing cost. At the time, it was only the story, but after seeing it, I realized it was a good opportunity to have a coloring & activity book, so I added over a hundred pages.
  • Nearly six years later, in 2019, I rewrote The Imaginaut, updated all the pages and added color to make it into a true storybook.
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