Disturblings (Coming Soon!)

Will you survive?

As a way to “Expediate the next stage of evolution,” Dr. Lazarus, a disgruntled scientist with a disturbing history of unethical practices, spliced alien micro-organisms with various life-forms from around the planet.

Now, once introduced into a blood stream, these alien organisms will either bond with their host, or feed on it and grow until their host swells into a mass of barely recognizable disgustingness and bursts, releasing them back into the world to find the next worthy enough of evolving…

You play as anti-hero, Bobby Butcher, who’s handcuffed to an injured sheriff as vicious, genetically altered creatures scamper towards you.

As you struggle to load, aim, and fire the sheriff’s service weapon with him handcuffed to you, your demonic third arm, Lanius, uses items retrieved from his utility belt. Together, you’ll have to strategically defend yourself and stop Dr. Lazarus’ diabolical plan.

Player Count: 1

Ages: 12+

Setup Time: 2 Minutes

Playtime: 25 Minutes

Category: Dark-Humor/Horror

Complexity: Low

Mechanics: Hand Management, Tower Defense, Dice-rolling

NOTE: The slideshow images are rendered in Tabletop Simulator. Some details may change prior to the game’s release.

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