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Hi all! In early 2022, I’ll be running my first Kickstarter for a cool tabletop game that I’ve spent the better part of 2021 creating. For the month of October, I’m going to release shadows of the many characters in the game. Feel free to guess what they are, but just know you’ll probably be dead wrong!

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Project Tracker

I ALWAYS have multiple projects in the works. These are not all of them, but they are certainly my current focus. Normally I have varying projects, but I’m aiming to have related add-ons available when my Kickstarter launches. 

Dead End - The Deceased!
Dead End - Trading Card Battle Game
Dead End - Foil Cards
Dead End - Collage Puzzle
Bobby Butcher - Bar Brawl!

Copycat Pat!

Now Available!
Simple to learn, simpler to play, and simply adorable to look at.
Click Here

Ages +3


Now Available!
Get to (REALLY) know each other in this gross tug-of-war inspired trivia game.
Click Here

Ages +8

Pirate X

Now Available!
Ahoy, matey. Here be 10 pirate-themed games packed into 1 nifty little package.
Click Here

Ages +8

Dead End

Kickstarter 2022
Can you survive waves of enemies trying to sacrifice you to the Nexus? Prove it.
Click Here

Ages +12

Developer Blog

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