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I’ll be releasing new (rough draft) chapters every Friday for the foreseeable future. I thought this would be a good way of not only giving you some free content, but an inside look at things I’m working on as well. And since I’ll be including chapters of books in progress, please, feel free to comment and point out any issues you find. Mostly, these stories/chapters/books will be geared towards middle school students, but I like to think my children’s literature appeals to adults as well.

Either way, happy reading!


The Idiom Wizard

Book 1: Raining Cats & Dogs


A. R. Curry


In a cage, 
locked away, 
is the Idiom Wizard of old. 
Free him ye shall, 
by reading this spell, 
and bringing in the cold. 
NOW, call a truce, 
and set it loose, 
enough time has passed. 
So freeze, breeze, freeze. 
Freeze Hell over at last!



I independently publish Middle Grade and younger, but I seek to traditionally publish anything older. Here, you’ll be able to get sneak peaks at (kid appropriate) books I’m working on. The one caveat is I’ll only ever post a single chapter, so you’ll just have to wait for me to sign a big book deal to read the rest! 😉 

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