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The Dark Side of Publishing for Children: The Bright Side

JOIN MY FREE READING LIST The Bright Side If you read both part 1 and part 2 of my post, Disregard Family & Friends, then rest assured, my temper-tantrum is over. But, let me say this. Though it may have seemed like a random…

The Dark Side of Publishing for Children: Disregard Family & Friends Pt 2

In Part 1, I spoke about the business side of why you should disregard family & friends when it comes to your sales projections. Here, in Part 2, I plan to discuss the even more messy bits of what I have to say.

The personal reasons why…

The Dark Side of Publishing for Children: Disregard Family & Friends Pt 1

Part 1: Business Reasons This bit will be hard to hear, but, regardless of my sarcasm and cynicism, I say it with good intentions: Don’t factor family and friends into your sales projections, because you will ultimately be disappointed. There are two main reasons…

The Dark Side of Publishing for Children: Meh. It’s Easy

Publishing for children is easy. You’ll see. If you haven’t already, then one day you’ll just sit down and casually write about a friendly dog named Spud (It’s a lazy example, just roll with me…) and how he likes apples and paper airplanes and that’ll be that. No worries about anything else. It’ll get edited, re-edited, illustrated, edited again, formatted, published, manufactured, then marketed by magical fairies all while you’re asleep. The next day you’ll wake to sunshine and a mile-long line of children and parents alike, all eager to read it…

The Dark Side of Publishing for Children: The Why, Where, What and When

Everyone has their own motivations for why they are WHO they are. Or, why they want to be who they hope to become. Do you know your WHY?

Let’s say an interviewer asks, “Why should we hire you?“ Quick, don’t freeze! You’re not only selling yourself to anyone who wants to know more about you, but (perhaps more importantly) you’re selling yourself to yourself as well. There will be many times in your career where you ask, “Why am I putting up with all of this?” “Am I good enough?” “Do people even care?” Do I even care?”

Don’t panic. When that time comes, you’ll have the answer, because the answer will be your WHY.