Category: Survey Saturday

Survey Saturday – Spot the Error!

Here’s a quick survey with some grammatical errors. See if you can find them, unless you’re to (or is it “too”?) chicken to learn you’ve been making the same mistakes… muhuhahaha! CLICK HERE TO TAKE SURVEY

Survey Saturday – Which of My Books Would You Like for Free?

I’m trying to decide which of my books to give away for free this month. Please take a second for a 1 question survey to let me know which you’d like the most. Click HERE to take survey.

Saturday Survey – You in 12 Months

I’ve spent a lot of time on my writing the past few months, inching forward one reader at a time. I have a general idea where I’ll be at in 12 months, which got me wondering where you think you’ll be. Click HERE To…

Survey Saturday – Animal Jokes

Wanted to have a bit of fun today, so here’s some jokes disguised as a survey! As always, don’t forget to check out the Weekly Questions, but do that after the survey, it’s time for some laughs! Click HERE To Take Survey

Survey Saturday – Child Behaviors

I like to ask questions on Saturday. Don’t ask why. I could just as easily ask them on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or any other day of the week. Buuuuut, I’ve picked today. …Saturday lol. Earlier, I asked my Weekly QuestionWeekly Question – Ask Your…