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Thank YOU!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone. Like with most small businesses, Covid hurt my growth quite a bit. In retrospect, I could have used all of that quarantining time to grow my online business, BUT I used the time to improve my… Continue Reading “Thank YOU!”

Kindle eBook Now Available

My newest book, illustrated by Michael Singleton, is now available in eBook format on all Kindle devices. It’s free if you have Kindle Unlimited, which I hope you do, because it’s a great service! Click here to check out the digital version on Amazon.  … Continue Reading “Kindle eBook Now Available”


Soooo I’ve suffered a minor setback… If you know me, or follow my work, then you should know that I like to experiment with different ways of telling/illustrating my books. Well, I also like to dabble in different mediums, which is what I’ve been… Continue Reading “Minor SETBACK!”

Newest Book for FREE With Bundle

Howdy! I’m at that point now where I’m fortunate enough to be able to give away free books, and I wanted to share this news with all of you. With the purchase of my heavily discounted ($85 off) Book Bundle, I’m giving away my… Continue Reading “Newest Book for FREE With Bundle”

What’s Next?

As always, I’m keeping busy. Maybe busier than ever! Because of Covid and a need for health insurance, I’ve taken a yittle management job with Target, which has already proven to have a vastly more positive atmosphere than Walmart, so I’m not regretting my… Continue Reading “What’s Next?”