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What’s Next?

As always, I’m keeping busy. Maybe busier than ever! Because of Covid and a need for health insurance, I’ve taken a yittle management job with Target, which has already proven to have a vastly more positive atmosphere than Walmart, so I’m not regretting my… Continue Reading “What’s Next?”

Death Bound Video

I had a lady on Fiverr whip me together a quick and simple video for my Death Bound books. Here’s the results, hope ya like! Only on sale during Days Hours Minutes Seconds Pre-Order Paperback Bundle

Death Bound Bundle

Death Bound Bundle On July 1st, 2020, I’m releasing two books simultaneously. I’m doing this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because Volume 1 is a revamped/reedited book that many of my social following have already purchased. I simply wanted to give loyal readers… Continue Reading “Death Bound Bundle”

Death Bound: Volume 1

Death Bound: Volume 1 This is partly a re-release and partly an entirely revamped book. I came up with Death Bound some 7 years ago, and I was really proud of it. Only, over the years, I’ve developed as a writer, so I decided… Continue Reading “Death Bound: Volume 1”

Death Bound: Life Support Edition

Death Bound: Life Support Edition My Life Support Edition is a collection of darkly comedic short stories aimed at making people laugh (or at least chuckle) during these tough times. It is NOT a book for the faint of heart or the overly sensitive.… Continue Reading “Death Bound: Life Support Edition”