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Happy Halloween! by Stacy Reese

Simply wishing everyone a Happy Halloween! Have fun and be safe. Pre-Order My Yearbook Nightmare!

My NEW Book Released TODAY

I’m excited to announce my new book, Hiding a Monster, officially releases today. It was tons of fun to create, and I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks about it. It’s available here on my website, as well as on Amazon, BUT if…

Who’s This? AND Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day, everyone. Hope it goes well for ya, and you carry the good vibes into the many days that follow.

Happy 4th of July!

Artwork by A. R. Curry Happy 4th of July everyone. Hope your day is full of explosive, yet safe,  fun! Visit A. R. Curry’s Bookstore

Flash Giveaway WINNER!

Woot woot! We’ve got a flash giveaway winner! On Sunday, I asked my Facebook friends to comment with any number they wanted between 1 and 26. Only, I didn’t tell them why… Well, here’s the why: Using the chart below (where each number represents…