Greetings All – Updates About Changes

I recently began posting on social medias again, which led to someone asking where I’ve been for the past year… Valid question!

The answer is I’ve been exactly where I’ve always been: Toiling away on my next project. 

The difference this time is I’ve been (silently) toiling away on products other than children’s books. In this case, my forthcoming Kickstarter game Dead End: The Deceased!

Why am I making a change? Well, my aim is to diversify and be able to offer a wider variety of products on my website store so that I can keep my creative tank full. As much as I enjoy creating picture books, my creative side needs an outlet to be able to explore other options.I write for all ages, and now I create board and card games for all ages. Better yet, if all goes to plan, I’ll be returning to school for a degree in Graphic Design, so hopefully I’ll be creating 3D Animations and video games for all ages in the not so distant future. 🙂

With that said, I took some time off of social medias and marketing because I made a few mistakes and wanted to do better in 2022. Most notably, I put a couple books up for pre-order that I never finished because I got drawn towards other projects. I did issue refunds to everyone who pre-ordered those books, but it was ultimately a broken promise that I’m now ashamed of.

So, moving forward, I’ve decided to ONLY release products that are finished (aside from tinkering). If I’m being honest with myself, I think I felt a need to keep a steady income flowing to justify the time I spent doing this. Now I understand how therapeutic it is for me, so I do it for my own enjoyment first, then branch off from there with the simple hope that others enjoy it as well. This also means I’m better able to balance the many hats I have to wear being a 1-man team. Not having to scramble to finish projects allows me time to better take care of all of you, who have so graciously taken care of me these past few years. For that, I offer you many thanks!

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