Thank YOU!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone. Like with most small businesses, Covid hurt my growth quite a bit. In retrospect, I could have used all of that quarantining time to grow my online business, BUT I used the time to improve my craft instead. Some of you may ask/wonder, “Curry, what’s the point of creating all this stuff if you’re not going to seriously try to sell it?” 

In answer, I only offer you a shrug… 

I don’t know. 

I think, maybe, I’m afraid of seriously marketing, because doing so seriously means I can be seriously rejected, and rejection hurts. That’s no secret. On the surface, I’m a confident guy who likes to project confidence, but inside… Well, inside, I’m an insecure wreck. That’s why I’m so appreciative of all of you! Despite my ups and downs, my shortcomings, my errors, my botched attempts, you’ve all been so supportive. You comment. You click that fancy Like button, and that fancier Share button next to it. In this day and age of internet hate, no one has bashed me and tried to tear me down, and that’s pretty cool.

This year, the infamous 2020, I’ve created children’s books, adult books, and both card and board games. I’ve added a few bookmarks to my collection and have updated a couple of my older books. Point is, I’ve been busy, and I’ll continue to stay busy as I pursue my dreams, but it wouldn’t be nearly as cool without all of you. So, again, thanks!



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  1. You know, I love all you do. I just wanted to Leave you a note to tell you, thank you for letting us into your world. It is crazy, busy, wild and you own it. Please as always, stay safe and be well.

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