ARTober 16th – Arms out!


This is a card design for my card game Copycat Pat!, which is aimed towards 4 – 8 year olds. It’s simple, I’m still tinkering. I like the black and white characters with the colors around them, but I’m definitely going to experiment with a few more designs. 

NOTE: While this may be available for pre-order, it is a work-in-progress, and as such, could potentially change when officially finished, and/or be cancelled. If cancelled, refunds will be issued. 

One Comment on “ARTober 16th – Arms out!

  1. They are unusually great. The boy is terrific with his crazy hair and his a Buddy Holly glasses.
    The girl is superb because of the bow, also the earrings. All girls around that age like jewelry. They also like doing their hair.
    I also, like you, like the different color around the edge. It lends a different air about it.

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