What’s Next?

As always, I’m keeping busy. Maybe busier than ever! Because of Covid and a need for health insurance, I’ve taken a yittle management job with Target, which has already proven to have a vastly more positive atmosphere than Walmart, so I’m not regretting my decision to jump back into the retail world one bit. It’s actually great timing. My catalogue of available books is now twelve, meaning I can combine the passive income from my books with my “real job” income and not need to “hustle” so much to feed my family. But that’s not all, it also means I can buy myself enough time to work on both new and BIGGER products. I’m super excited about it, and since I haven’t updated you all in a few weeks, I figured I’d do it now.

So, what’s next?

In October, I should be releasing Death Bound: Volume 2, which is actually my third short story collection for adults. Volume 1 and Life Support Edition are already available.

In November, I have a new picture book on the way. It’s neeeearly finished, and coming along great.

In December, juuuust in time for Christmas, I’m (if all goes according to plan) releasing my very first board game!! I’ve included pictures below of some of the game’s (unfinished) artwork. Keep in mind, the pieces are tiny, so it may look blurry from being zoomed in. Still a work in progress! 🙂

Those are out this year, but I’m also simultaneously working on much more. As far as my main projects go, I still have my supernatural thriller, Maker of Shadows, my (related) upper MA novel, Billy Moon – The Boy Who Hunts Shadows, another upper MA novel, The Dream Reaper, a chapter book called The Idiom Wizard, another picture book called Yummy In My Tummy, an unnamed novel for adults, AND a secret novel I’m writing under a pen name because of its, er, maturity… Soooo, yeah. I’m busy!

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