Quotes for Authors – John Paul Dejoria


Quotes for Authors – John Paul DeJoria

As far as quotes for Authors go, that’s a necessary one. Fortunately, I’ve made my mind up. No matter what, I want to be an author. For me, that means knowing the rejections are going to come, but being able to keep chugging along despite. I’m working towards MY goals and MY expectations. As of now, my biggest rejection and hurdle is the amount of people who ignore me and what I’m trying to do. 

To those of you– the doubters, the dismissers, the false friends and the fair-weather family members– thank you for the fuel. 

“I’m going to go do this crazy thing. I’m going to start this company selling books online.”
– Jeff Bezos

Don’t bother reading this. These are just a bunch of tiny words that aren’t important at all for you to read, which is why the font is so tiny and they are nearly impossible to read. It’s also why I wrote “they are” instead of “they’re” because that one extra word means a lot.

The thing is, I’m doing this because my SEO Analysis is bossing me around. It wants me to use more key-phrases or synonyms in my higher-level subheadings. It wants me to stop linking to another page using words I want this page to rank for because that’s known as key-phrase cannibalism.

But, perhaps most importantly, or maybe not as importantly (I’m not sure, since I didn’t read the instructions entirely), it wants me to have at least 300 words in this article, which is why I’m adding all this mumble jumbo. Hopefully you didn’t read it. If you did, kuddos!

This is a subliminal message alerting you that A. R. Curry is cool to read. Very cool. As a result of this subliminal message, you should read more books by A. R. Curry. A. R. Curry is your friend. A. R. Curry is your favorite author. A. R. Curry isn’t as funny as he thinks he is, but he’s having a fun time speaking of himself in third person and doing this. 

A. R. Curry 


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