Story Preview – Vacationing in Brazil

Vacationing in Brazil

One of the short stories in my new, darkly comedic  book, Death Bound: Life Support Edition, is called Vacationing in Brazil.

Vacationing in Brazil is a story about a germaphobic man who’s in route to Brazil, his dream vacation,  when he has a bit of a sanitation issue in the airport restroom that threatens it.

Read the Opening:

Paul Garfunkle shifted his gaze down towards the tranquil blue water. After years and years of saying, “One of these days,” he was finally doing it.

Finally vacationing in Brazil.

Nothing could ruin his mood. Not his highly-inconvenient germaphobia. Not his pestering boss. Not his neighbor, or her Jack Russel Terrier, who peed through their shared fence onto his side, killing his grass with its acidic imperfections. Not his ex-wife— and the reclining chair she’d stolen from him in the divorce settlement. And not his new wife and her brat kid, who he was forced to let tag along to Brazil out of domestic obligation.


Paul’s attention shifted to a newspaper. The headline read of an oil spill, but that was someone else’s problem. Certainly not his and certainly not one he’d let ruin his vacation. He forgot about it just as quickly as he’d read it.

He closed his eyes. Brazil. Flipping Brazil. He still couldn’t quite believe it. How’d he get so lucky? A warm sun amidst a tropical sky. A pleasing breeze. Expansive, clear water, endlessly lapping on the shore as if it were nature’s rhythmic melody and the distant claps of thunder were its bass.

A sensation passed through him then. He smiled, small but genuine, and exhaled a calming breath of air through his nose.

Something splashed on his sandaled feet, shattering his thoughts of Brazil, and returning him to the airport restroom he now stood in.

He stepped back from the urinal and opened his eyes, watching as more teeny droplets splattered the tiled floor. His eyes widened. Had he just peed on his…

No. No,nonono.

He wanted to run and cleanse himself, wash away the bacteria and pathogens now infesting his skin, but he was stuck mid-stream, imprisoned by a liquid chain.

As the blue urinal water—fed by his flow of yellow urine—swirled into green, he forced himself to not think of the miniscule amount of pee trailing down the sides of his feet, snagging on the small vellus hairs and spreading out, soaking into his epidermis and invading his body.

He gagged. Fought it back. Gagged again.

Read Death Bound: Life Support Edition to finish this story. 

Listen to the Opening:

Vacationing in Brazil by A. R. Curry

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