Death Bound: Volume 1

Death Bound: Volume 1

This is partly a re-release and partly an entirely revamped book. I came up with Death Bound some 7 years ago, and I was really proud of it. Only, over the years, I’ve developed as a writer, so I decided to revisit it and reedit the stories and make what I hope is ultimately a tighter, leaner read.  

With a title like Death Bound, it’d be understandable for people to assume it’s full of dark and gritty stories. And while each story is linked by the common thread of death, death doesn’t have to be sad or violent, and I tried to showcase that.

I can’t promise that all future stories will be as heartfelt, because those stories will be determined by the type of writer I am at the time of writing them, but these stories are, and I truly believe you’ll really enjoy them.


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