Now Writing for Adults

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trickling out information about my next books, which will be collections of short stories geared towards adults. This means I have to update my website, mailing lists, and all my social medias to help make sure they each balance the kid and adult content appropriately. The last thing I want is for a parent to come looking for a picture book and find books called, Death Bound, instead!

I’ve finished updating my website, for the most part, and hope that it blends my writing for children and for adults well. If anyone has any feedback, I’m open to hear it. My social medias are slowly coming together, but I’ve yet to even begin my mailing lists, so if you notice anything a bit off with any of those, please overlook them for now. 

With that said, I decided to release two short story collections on July 1st, 2020. Volume 1 has serious stories themed around death, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily sad or scary or dark.The other book is the Life Support Edition, which consists of darkly comedic stories to hopeful help people laugh during these tough times. 

You can pre-order them individually at the discounted price of $5, or at the further discounted bundle price of $8.  Over the coming weeks, I’ll continue to update you with more details, soooo stay tuned! 🙂

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