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Having just released my tenth children’s book, I’ve decided it’s time I turn my attention back to writing books with less pictures and more… words. 

My plan has always been to independently publish my picture books and short story collections, and to attempt to traditionally publish my full novels. So far, so good. I’m finishing up two novels during this pandemic. One’s called Maker of Shadows and is for adults, and the other is called The Dream Reaper Chronicles and is for young adults. Once finished, I’ll begin looking for an agent to help me sell them to a publisher. Fingers crossed!

I’ve also been hard at work on six volumes of short stories, and I’m planning to release them every three to four months. The problem is, they’re most definitely written for adults. They’re vulgar and crude and dark, so I haven’t figured out how to market them on my website alongside my children’s books. Yet. Granted, children aren’t browsing my website, their parents are. Still, it feels off to just slap short story collections about death next to picture books, sooooo yeah. I’m open to ideas!

Point is, I’ll be tinkering and toying with the look of my website. When I figure out how i’m going to go about doing it, I’ll update you again!


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