Grandpa Curry

My ol’ man taught me a lot, but one of the things that’s stuck most is that, as parents, we love our children equally and unequivocally. My dad had six children, and he didn’t differentiate between us. With the marines, motorcycles and wrestling, he may have had more in common with my brother Rob, but he and my sister Anna shared the same… er, temper. Either way, love was love, and at the end of the day, after he’d send me and Ben (“the lil’ boys”) off to bed so he could build Lego castles uninterrupted, we knew he loved us, just as Doreen and Billy knew he loved them.     

I feel for the children who’s father’s chose not to raise them. And I pity those father’s for all they’ll miss out on. Being a parent is the most wonderful, fulfilling experience ever. It may be an unpopular opinion, so say what you want, but it is possible for a father to love their children just as much as a mother. There’s just, unfortunately, not enough guys man enough to even out the scales. We can say it’s “Their loss,” but it’s damaging to children as well. If it were better to only have one parent, then God wouldn’t have decided it’d take two to make a baby. 

With all that said, my son Joshy is in this picture because he never got that quality time with Grandpa Curry that his older brother and sister got. That saddens me. I showed Joshy this drawing, along with a real photo of my father holding him as a baby, and he doesn’t remember. Sure, Joshua has other grandparents, and thousands of people who care about him, but he’s going to miss out on my dad’s wealth of knowledge and (grand)fatherly love. I’ll do my best to make up for it, but I have some large shoes to fill. 

Rest in peace father, and throw some blessings my way. I seem to be having a run of bad luck. By the way, stay off the internet. There’s better things to be doing in Heaven. 😉

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