My Yearbook Nightmare! Update #1

A while back, I presented 4 color-variations of my next book and provided a survey to find out which you all liked most. You can see the variations below, as well as the breakdown. 

As you can see, the black version was most preferred. With that decided, I redid the lines and colors, making them more crisp, before I overhauled the grabby hands at the bottom. I then updated a few smaller nitpicks like making the background design more prominent. What’s also no doubt easily apparent is the change in size, which was necessary because of some design changes I made with the book’s interior.

All-in all, I’m very pleased by it, but I’m curious to know your thoughts!

Only thing left from there was to complete the back cover of the book (left side). My hope is to alert parents to the fact this is not a scary book and won’t be inappropriate for younger children. That’s why the dialogue bubbles say what they say. I also wanted to add a splash of pink to visually show it’ll be a gender neutral book.

Now available for Pre-Order

NOTE: If you don’t own a Kindle device, fear not. Chances are, you do own a smartphone. and the Kindle app is free 😉

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