Inktober Challenge Completed!

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With today’s earlier post, I can proudly say I have officially completed my very first Inktober Challenge! I am both excited and artistically exhausted lol. I am a writer first, illustrator second, so it’ll be nice to spend November (NanoWrimo) working on my novel and collection(s) of short stories. I can’t completely stop illustrating, of course, as since my forthcoming book My Year Book Nightmare is due out this January, but I can dial it down a notch. 

I will also be taking a break from my website and ALL social media. They’ll continue to be active, I just won’t be monitoring or adding to them. This will of course drastically hinder my website traffic, but social media is a drag and with my tenth children’s book coming soon, I’m ready to begin the next stage of my adult books without having to sacrifice more family time during the holiday season.  

If all goes accordingly, come January, you should see a newly designed website with some other surprises… 😀

Now, back to Inktober! I’d like to offer a special thank you to a handful of people who showed much needed encouragement and support throughout the month. I’m talking to you Reesey, Mom and Mom, Kat over at The Lily Cafe, Tilly Collins at 40 ‘fore Forty, Jen at Jenacidebybibliophile, Rude Bird – Sketchbook, Phoebe at PMuInk, and Cynthia Gutzwller. Your reoccurring interest keep me going. Thank you!    

About Inktober:

This will be my first year participating, but every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one INK drawing a day the entire month. Each time, a prompt (like the one above) is given to help jump start the creative juices. You don’t have to utilize it, but I think it makes it cooler. Anyone can participate, and it’s a terrific way to help motivate ourselves and others to not only get work done, but to embrace our creative sides. 

There are some pretty extravagant participators out there; artists who spend hours every day inking amazing things, but I decided that I will spend the month mostly inking images for my forthcoming book, My Yearbook Nightmare! This way, I can participate in the challenge while still staying focused on a book many of you have already pre-ordered

MY GOAL is to post a newly inked illustration everyday for the month of October. Feel free to call me out and encourage/push me to stay true to this. I’m excited, nervous, motivated and, perhaps best of all, 100% capable of nailing this challenge. I’d love it if you stuck around. 

Learn more about INKTOBER HERE: 


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  1. Congratulations for completing the month! I’ve really enjoyed your artwork, so I’m sad October is over, but I imagine it must have been quite a challenge. Still, it’s very impressive!

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