2 Free eBooks AND My New Book Half Off

First, an Update:

I’ve been deliberately quiet this month so that I can better judge my school workload. Being new to the MFA program, I simply didn’t know what to expect, but it’s doable. With that said, I have still been creating behind the scenes and I am still alive and well. Thanks to many of you, this full-time author/illustrator thingamajig seems to have stuck, which is grrreat news for me. I left Walmart back in March and haven’t needed a “real” job since, so thank you for your  support, encouragement, and continued interest. 

Second, Fun FAQS:

Click Above Image to get for FREE
Click Above Image to get for FREE
  • The Egglings, from the first image, pop up in ALL of my children’s books. They are always hidden somewhere!
  • In, The Egglings, those little accident-prone guys are off searching for Earth, who is the alien on the cover of the second image. Yup, he was named Earth because his belly looks like the Earth. 
  • Each book is its own story, but I like to tie things together. Sort of like a shared universe, like all the Marvel superhero movies. 
  • There is a mean ol’ zookeeper in To My Rocket Ship who is also the bad guy in my next book!

Third, My New Book is 50% Off:

Click Above Image to View New Book

Hiding a Monster will be my 9th children’s book, and with each, I learn tons of new techniques and tricks. I created this book specifically for preschool through 3rd grade and think it’s loads of fun, so check it out. If you’re interested, there’s still time. Pre-order it and get 50% off.  

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