Fan Art – Adventure Time

My special lady likes to sit in my office and distract me with funny memes and videos while I work… Considering I work on anywhere from 2-4 books at a time, this can be a productivity problem. SO, what was my solution?

I booted her comfy chair OUT of my office and added an art table. Now if she wants to hang with me (which she does because she loves me), she has to work on her art, something she thoroughly enjoys doing. Win-win!

Now, there’s still the occasional distraction, but at least it’s the kind that keeps my creative juices flowing. Although I see the appeal, I’ve never been much into fan art. Still, we decided to tinker around with a little piece that I wanted to show you all. 

She sketched me up a picture and I modified it using some digital brush strokes, but mostly that fancy copy and paste feature. Nothing revolutionary, but it was fun. Take a look below. The first three pictures are the individual elements, and the last is the final result. 

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