One Monster Step at a Time

Created This in 6 Steps

While toying around with Adobe Photoshop, I figured I’d throw a picture together and then show you guys the steps. The monster is certainly from my new book, but the background is simply for entertainment. Hope you enjoy. 

STEP 1: Just a simple monster, happy as can be.
STEP 2: Add in a beautiful setting...
STEP 3: With some beautiful clouds.
STEP 4: Then add some cute lil' bunnies.
STEP 5: Then, to make it a tad more realistic, add some shadows.
STEP 6: Lastly, add my cool URL to remind you where to keep coming for more 😉

And there you have it. Well, there you almost have it lol. There’s slightly more detail work to it, but that’s the main part. Not realistic to the point it’ll fool anyone into thinking there’s a big orange monster running around, but it’s fun. Hope you enjoyed! 

My new book, Hiding a Monster, releases October 1st, 2019, just in time for Halloween. As with all of my pre-orders, it’s available half-off during the pre-order phase, so snatch it up as sooooon as possible. 😀

FUN FAQ: As it turns out, that mean ol’ “zookeeper” from my book, To My Rocket Ship!, is none other than world-renowned monster hunter, Van Helsing!


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