Weekly Question – Are You Excited About the New School Year?

Generic question but necessary considering the time of year. My kids just started school a couple days ago and with all the back-to-school shopping for supplies and lunches and clothes combined with the hecticness of meeting teachers and figuring out transportation options, it can be a busy time. For those of us with older kids, the cuteness and appeal may (or may not) have worn off yet. 

I’m always excited when my kids go to school. Not because I want the free time, but because I value an education that much. In fact, I wish they went year-round!

With that said, I have three that have yet to begin school, but my oldest two are in 4th and 5th grade. Any parent can sympathize with this, but I swear they were just learning to walk sometime last week… It’s sort of frightening how quickly they’ve grown, actually. I know, I know, time passes the same for everyone and it’s actually only a false sensation of time fast-forwarding but whatev. The point is, it’s a reminder that I’m aging and my prime is nearly over and my window to truly contribute to the world is closing.  It’s that fear that lead me to make such drastic changes to my life this year, something I still don’t regret. 

But, that’s my answer. What about you? Leave yours in the comment section below. 


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