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Well, it took a few months, but I’ve finally released digital versions of each of my books. I was never a fan of eBooks for children, but I’ve come to learn that people are and that the format is growing, soooo here I am lol. Apparently, not having to worry about their kids’ books getting ripped apart or scribbled in is pretty enticing. Plus, eBooks can be read -almost- anywhere, so when lil’ Timmy is crying for a bedtime story but you’re out on a road trip or something, you can just open a book up right on your phone or tablet. Woot woot!

Anywho, I priced my eBooks nice and low, which means you can also try out one of them before committing to a higher priced physical copy. AND, what’s better, is I’ve placed $3 coupons in the backs of each book so you can upgrade to the physical copy at no extra cost. Sweeeeeeeeeet! 

If you’re curious, simply click the link belo. Happy reading. 


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