My Yearbook Nightmare!

New Book is Incoming!
Scheduled for Release January 2020

Typically I’d be offering a 50% off deal to pre-order my new book, buuuut this particular book is a ways off. Besides, I’m doing something a bit different this time around. I’m offering to cartoonify real-life people to place as background characters in this book. I offer two options. The Book Sponsor option and the Book Sponsor Deluxe option. Naturally, the DELUXE option offers a lot more, but a pre-order isn’t necessary at this point because a purchase of either sponsorship option includes a copy of the book, my most ambitious one yet! 

Click either link below to learn more.

Progress on My Yearbook Nightmare
I'm still chugging along! 10%

As you could imagine, there are a lot of portraits of people in yearbooks, so these pics of random characters will take up a large portion of my time. I estimate there will be anywhere from 100 to 200!

So far, I’ve spent a good deal of time cartoonifying my Book Sponsors, but also on these more cartoony characters. I learned this cartooning style from an uber-talented artist name Malcolm Monteith. Well, I didn’t learn from him personally. I’ve been taking his online courses, but I did reach out to him for permission to include the characters he taught me to draw, and he said YES!

For that reason, these post will be of his particular cartooning style (combined with my shading preference), and my other post will showcase my Book Sponsors. As always, I hope you enjoy. Please LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE. Always appreciated!


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