Celebrating 100 Posts!


This post marks the first of (hopefully) many milestones to come, because THIS post is my 100th. In the world I live, a hundred posts shows consistency and is a good sign that I’m dedicated to what I’m pursuing. Sure, I could burn out, but from where I’m sitting I’m only just getting started!     

I try to maintain a few things with my website. A hub for both non-fiction and fiction, an un-incorporated non-profit organization, and of course a bookstore for my merchandise. That means I have plenty of blogable content to help me along. The challenge will be to continue growing while providing better quality to you. It’s a difficult task, especially considering I’ll be starting GRAD school soon, but I believe I’m up for the task. 

For kicks and giggles, I thought I’d include some stats. I’ve included them below. 



Total Posts: 100!

Total Words: 33.4k

Average Words Per Post: 337

Most Popular Day: Friday

Most Popular Hour: 9 PM

Busiest Month: July 2019

Most Popular Page: Book Sponsor

Best Referrers (who sends the most traffic to my website): Facebook

Most popular Link: Survey Monkey

I could keep going, but I’ll stop there to talk a bit about what those stats tell me. First, let’s look at the obvious. I’ve hardly gotten any Likes or Comments ON my website. The easy assumption is that people simply don’t like my content, but closer examination tells me otherwise. I get all my Likes and Comments on the social medias like Facebook and Instagram, so that means my challenge is figuring out how to get people onto my website itself. This will also improve my website traffic which will improve the opportunities of my bookstore.  

My total word count may seem high, but it’s not. An average words per post of 337 is actually meager. BUT, while it may seem like I’m not putting time and effort into those posts, most of them have artwork, and the artwork is definitely time-consuming.

My Book Sponsor option has certainly proved popular, and as a reminder, the sale ends August 31st. Right now, it’s only $10, but it’ll be going back to $30 so check it out and see if it’s something you’re interested in.  

To celebrate, here’s a coupon code for a free book. Simply click the link below and enter “free4u” as your code. Check out like normal!


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