Pizza Party!

Do You Have an Iphone? If so, I have iMessage Stickers Available.

If you’re into cool artwork and texting neat stickers, then there’s this brand new app in the iOS store called Pizza Party. It’s crazy simple to use, smooth as all get out, and has only been “live” for slightly over a month. That means if you download it now, you’ll get to be a part of something during the exciting stages. You know, before everyone jumps on the bandwagon. It’s like living in the wild-wild west without having to worry about getting shot by a bandit! 

Basically, you use what the app calls “Pizza Slices” as currency, and you start with 50. Each sticker cost 10. That means you can swing in and swoop two or three of my stickers right on up and show me some love before browsing the rest. 

I’ve been lucky enough to get an illustrator spot on the app, so if you’d like to check out what I have to offer, simply download the FREE app and search for “Curry”. My stickers will pop right up!

I currently only have one set of stickers available, but in about two weeks, I’ll be releasing another set. For those of you who are Book Sponsors, you’ll potentially be seeing your stickers pop up in the app in a month or two. Pretty neat stuff.

Also, I’ll be having special deals for those of you who download the app and get my stickers, so how about it? It’s a free app, so there’s hardly anything but five minutes to lose. Show some love. 


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