The Idiom Wizard: Chapter 7

Later that night, I tossed and turned in bed. I kept thinking that Mr. Green was probably still outside searching for his book. The one I had stuffed beneath my mattress. I peered outside to see if I could see him. I couldn’t. It was way too dark and snowy. I jumped at every flicking shadow, every clump of falling snow. The way icicles clung to all the frozen tree branches reminded me of some vicious ice shark trying to bite my butt, so I hid under my covers.

I know, I know. Hiding under the covers is kid stuff. BUT, when’s the last time you heard of a kid who got ate by an ice shark while hiding under his blanket?

While hiding under my blankets kept me safe, it didn’t stop my mind from worrying. I kept thinking about Mr. Green and his book, about the meteor and the spell that we read aloud when we weren’t supposed to, and about all the snow and how Dad looked at me like I knew more than what I was telling him, and how I did really know more than what I was telling him and that maybe I shouldn’t keep such serious secrets all bottled up…

Now I’m thinking that was a REALLY long sentence!

Anyhow, I also wondered if James, or Hannah, or even Donald were having as tough of a time sleeping as I was? Probably not James. That kid seems like he could sleep through an Earthquake.

Just then, I heard a soft knock against my bedroom window. Or at least I thought I did. I looked but didn’t see anything.

I gulped and pulled the blanket back over my head.

I heard the knock again, so I peeked out again, slower this time. Then I ripped the blanket back over my head! My room may have been dark, but there was a shape of something even darker standing outside my window.

I squeezed my eyes shut. Just stop looking, I told myself. As long as I stayed under my Super Kangaroo blanket I’d be protected by its completely imaginary force field and be absolutely safe.

Okay, maybe I needed a better plan…  

Besides, there wasn’t really anyone outside my window.

Was there?

But then, sure enough, there came another—knock, knock, knock.

I pulled my blanket down just far enough to peek out. This time the shadow pressed its face against my window to peer in. And you wouldn’t believe who I saw…


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